The Hong Kong Yang Family

The political turmoil surrounding the Communist revolution in Mainland China led to the immigration of Yang Sau Chung, fourth generation head of the Yang family, to Hong Kong in 1949. Yang Sau Chung was the eldest son of Yang Chen Fu.
Yang Sau Chung passed on the family transmission to his First Disciple, Ip Tai Tak, and his three daughters, Amy, Mary and Agnes. He also accepted two other Disciples – Chu Gin Soon (1977) and Chu King Hung (1983).
Master Yang and his First Disciple maintained a very low profile relative to the proliferation of Yang tai chi throughout the world.
It must be considered, however, that the level of information held by these individuals was without compare.

Yang Sau Chung

Yang Sau Chung practicing with his father   Yang Sau Chung and Ip Tai Tak demostrating sword application Ip Tai Tak observing his disciple’s form