Tai Chi/Chi Kung (Qi Gong) Bodywork

No matter what your age, gender or current state of health, the Asian arts of fluid movement and energy cultivation can bring harmony and power to your body, mind and spirit – the trinity that makes you who you are.

Using my experience from over forty years of teaching the martial arts (including thirty years of tai chi and chi kung), I can develop an individually tailored training fitness and health program for you using principles and exercises from tai chi, chi kung and the martial arts. Our goal will be to increase your flexibility, energy and overall health.

As a longtime teacher, I know how difficult it can be to stick to an exercise program. I will create a short but comprehensive system for daily practice that fits easily into your lifestyle and can be expanded as as your interest and discipline grows.

Perhaps you are suffering from arthritic joints and stiff muscles? Or maybe you’re an athlete looking to find better performance in your sport and the ability to continue to be competitive as you get older?* Or maybe you are interested in an exercise program with self-defense skills built in.

I will begin with active chi kung for opening your body up, and meditative chi kung for settling it down. Spinal flexibility and core strengthening will be a priority. Tai chi movement will be added depending on the individual’s interest as well as its application for self-defense.

I have studios in Burlington (100 Church Street) and in my home at 300 South Street in South Hero, VT. Rates will depend on your choice of location.

Burlington Studio – $75/hour
South Hero Studio – $60/hour
At your home or business – $100/hour

Rates will be reduced for groups of two or three (maximum).

*I have a great chi kung system for golfers to help maintain back health and flexibility.

To make an appointment please call: 802-363-6890 or 802-864-7902.