Snake Style Tai Chi-Videos, by Master Bob Boyd

A Tale of Two Tai Chi’s

Master Boyd has produced a short video regarding the difference between the Yang Family’s « Tiger Style » and the « Snake Style ». In this video he talks about becoming a disciple of Grandmaster Ip Tai Tak; about « emptying the cup »; and about re-learning tai chi chuan under the Snake Style system. The documentary runs approximately 15 minutes and also contains clips of grandmaster Ip. The snake Style system consists of the internal teachings of the Yang family as transmitted from Yang Sau Chung to Ip tai Tak. Master Yang and Master Ip were practice partners for over 28 years. You can order the video on a direct download at:
Master Boyd (for the US and America):
Yves Jean Linares (for Europe and non-American countries) :
Cost : 10 euros, US $15,00
Medium: ISO Files on direct Download

The Video can be watched in lower Quality on our Youtube-Channel


All the videos below are training supplements and ONLY available to students/members of Master Boyd’s International Snake Style Association (ISSA)
They are normally available as DVDs or you can order at you local ISSA Schools as listed under « Links ».

Videos of Ip Family Style Tai Chi Chuan Forms.
Here Bob demonstrates the forms without explanations. They are references to supplement the teaching of certified and affiliate teachers snake style teachers.

Available videos are :

Ip Family Form
Saber Form
Sword Form
Spear Form

As a bonus, the « Tale of Two Tai Chi’s » is also included with each ISO file.
Cost: 15,- Euro / 20-US$

10/10 Video Series – Supplements for Ip Family Style training.

This is an ongoing project by Master Boyd to build a reference library to aid students in their development. The series is a video book beginning with snake style stretching exercises and continuing through movement methodology and move-by-move instruction in the snake style tai chi chuan form. This video Library is available as a DVD,
The videos are NOT designed to replace the training with your teachers, but to supplement it and to give you a means to work on and enhance your knowledge of this wonderful system.

You can order the 10-10 series in your local ISSA school or below with:
Master Boyd (for the US and America):
Yves Jean Linares (for Europe and non-American countries) :
Cost: 60,- Euro / 75.-US $
Medium: ISO file on direct download