Health and the Snake Style

Snake Style derives its name from the serpentine use of the spine in tai chi movement. In snake style, the thoracic spine moves the arms and legs through myofacial connections that unify the body from the bottom of the foot to the occipital point of the skull creating a powerful, dynamic posture.
Flexible strength is the goal of the snake stylist. Through practice, a strong, pliable internal “core” is developed giving the body a youthful strength and vitality. Snake style movement uses continuous spinal manipulations that benefit the practitioner in many ways including:

1. Massaging the internal organs
2. Stretching the small muscles of the spine and ribs
3. Contraction and expansion of major blood vessels to remove toxins
4. Activation, stretching and strengthening of the illiopsoas and abdominal muscle groups
5. Stretching and softening the back muscles for back health
6. Reverse breathing to promote deep oxygenation of the blood
7. Activation of the lower abdominal muscles promoting digestive health

Snake style movement naturally activates the energy meridians of the body creating a pumping action from the “bubbling well” of the foot to the Dan Tien to the spine and then out to the hands. This powerful balance of bio-mechanics and energetic gives the snake style practitioner an unparalleled exercise for strength, health and longevity.